Citrus Salad

We’re deep into the most magical time of year - California citrus season. To celebrate, here’s an easy citrus salad recipe featuring our local abundance. Inspired by Thai pomelo salads, this quick refreshing dish will bring a little sun to your week. 

Equipment - Knife, cutting board, bowl, small pan, citrus juicer, microplane


2 cara-cara oranges

1 blood orange

4 tangerines

3 cloves garlic, grated on microplane

1 fuji apple

1 knob of ginger

5 Tbsp Red Boat fish sauce

3 Tbsp brown sugar (we like to use our Okinawan brown sugar)

⅓  cup lime juice

1 shallot

¼ peanuts

½ cup coconut flakes



1. Add your coconut flakes to a small pan and toast over low heat until lightly browned. This will happen quickly! Remove coconut and set aside.

2. Combine your fish sauce and brown sugar in the pan. Melt the sugar into the sauce over low heat while stirring to avoid burning. Remove from heat, add your garlic and stir to incorporate.

3. Juice enough limes to acquire 1/3 cup. This should be about 2.

4. Stir the lime juice together with the sugar and fish sauce mixture.

5. Peel your cara-cara and tangerines and remove their piths. Slice your apple in thin wedges and remove the seeds. Slice shallot into long batons. Cut ginger into thin strands.

6. Toss all of your fruit and shallots with the dressing until well mixed.

7. Top with toasted coconut, peanuts, and mint and cilantro leaves. Serve Immediately.