Burger Vision Release Party Recap!!

Our launch party for Burger Vision was a success! TONS of amazing people came out to celebrate the release of our new collaboration with Wavy Wines. The vibes were immaculate- the aroma of smashburgers being crisped to perfection, bottles upon bottles being circulated among new friend groups forming, big gulps of California red blends, and the ubiquitous hum of joyous Thursday night conversation which sent us into a spiral of good vibrations leading us giddy into the weekend. Thank you so much if you were one of the beautiful people who made it out! You all looked amazing! Special thanks to Yellow Paper Burger for providing the tasty smashburgers and Walt's Bar who hosted us in their flashy pinball setting. We had a couple disposable cameras in rotation at the event so here are some photos of the event just in case you missed out. 

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