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Staff Picks: Vic's Favorite Things

Snapdragon from McGrath Farms
Snapdragon flowers really just shift my mood in such a positive way. I love bright colors and you should too.

Ahus Akvavit by Ahus
Ahus introduced me to the world of aquavit and I’ve never looked back. If you’re a martini drinker I would highly recommend this Swedish spirit.

St. Augustine by Zab's Hot Sauce
Zab's St. Augustine has a light heat comparable to habanero, fresh aromatics and a light sweet pineapple finish. I put it on my pizza and I don’t care what anyone says about pineapples on pizza.

Garlic Sauce by Majestic Garlic
Majestic garlic on everything. I tend to over do it and I figure no one will notice, because 😷. W/e, it’s keto.

Romanesco from Milliken Family Farms
Fresh romanesco broccoli from our farmer's market run can really elevate a veggie. Check out those fractals!!!

2019 Scrambled Sticks White Blend by Maloof Wines
Maloof Wines' Scramble Sticks - skin contact is a blend with mostly ribolla gialla and pinot gris grapes. 9 months on the skins and it’s really quite special. Really air out that baby and watch it evolve on a sunny day.

Seaweed Butter by Rodolphe Le Meunier
Rodolphe Le Meunier seaweed butter 🤯 on a Bub and Grandma's baguette. Sardines or uni? You can’t go wrong!!

Deep Steep Tea by Flowerhead Tea
This tea was just added to my morning regimen. Talk about clean energy that packs an interesting toasted flavor. Time to upgrade your green tea 👌🏽!!