Staff Picks: Tanya's Favorite Things

Margherita Pizza by La Morra Pizzeria
La Morra Pizza makes my heart flutter. The crust! That sauce!

Mama's Way Hot Sauce by Woon
I was so happy to try Mama's Way Sauce by Woon 😋 It's so good on everything, including this Mac and Cheese!

Fresh Pesto by Uncle Paulie's Deli
Sandwiches are my favorite food and Uncle Pauli’s Pesto is the perfect addition.

Cherry Tomatoes Box from Wong Farms
Can anyone say a single bad thing about tomatoes?? Especially these ones, they are so sweet and juicy! They are so good alone, as a garnish, or in a sauce. Perfection! I mean look at them!

Spicy Dill Spears by Proper's Pickle
Spicy pickles! If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!?

2020 Wine Cooler White by Wavy Wines
The wine cooler from Wavy Wines is perfect on a beach day!

Have'A Corn Chips
Have’A Corn Chips are the perfect chip for salsa, hands down!

Sambal Evie by Cash Only
I love Sambal Evie with my dumplings!